[OS X TeX] huge digests full of dreck

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Sun Sep 15 04:41:11 EDT 2002

> 	I hate to sound like a broken record (or maybe a CD?) - but could
> people please take care when sending email messages to this mailing list
> (and others)?  The most recent digests have been as much as 50% quoted list
> instructions, duplicate mime formatted messages, HTML formatted messages,
> pgp signature headers and footers, quoted extraneous content and
> excessively long signature files (not to name names: Ross, Edward,

Since you list me first, I went back to see what prompted this, as usually:

 1.  I do not use a signature, apart from my name;
 2.  I never send in HTML form, or other formatted form --- just text-only
 3.  I don't have a pgp signature, in header or footer
 4.  usually I remove extraneous content, but leave enough to make
       the context understandable, as in this email message.

But sure enough, in my previous email to this list I failed to follow item 4.
above, by leaving in a large amount of quoted source code and .log message.

I apologise profusely for this.
that message was sent from India, where the line was rather slow connecting
via ssh to my usual mail machine in Australia.
Most likely I was under some time pressure to get the message finished.

> Donal...). These can be particularly troubling for those people who read
> the mailing list digest.

Does your mailer not allow you to jump to the start of each message
when you think that you've come to the useful end of the previous one?

If so, then even the message that I mentioned above would not have
caused you any trouble.

> 	If more than 50% of the content of your message that gets sent to
> the list is not actually typed by you - you are probably doing something
> wrong. 

I've no intention of changing my habits; but do apologise for any slip-ups
that can occur, with respect to my item 4. above.

Hope this helps,


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