[OS X TeX] Configuration of teTeX under Jaguar

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Sep 17 04:33:44 EDT 2002

There have been many emails on this list following the transition OS X 
10.1 -> 10.2. I did not understand most of them, as they were related 
with shell configuration files (if I understood that correctly), and I 
have never used such files (hopefully never will, I find this very 

But I am still faced with the same problem, apparently related to this, 
the unability to drag EPS files onto TeXShop to convert them to PDF. 
For the moment I am using "apply epstopdf *.eps" from Terminal.app, but 
I think it's less convenient.

So, in short: is there some simple modification of configuration files, 
which would allow teTeX (and TeXShop) to behave under OS X 10.2 in the 
same way as they did under 10.1, and which would not alter in any way 
the behaviour of other applications?

I remember somebody mentioning a script settextcshpath (or with a 
similar name) from Gerben, but I did not find this script on Gerben's 
web site. Or is this Gerben's ftp site?

Bruno Voisin 

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