[OS X TeX] Configuration of teTeX under Jaguar

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Tue Sep 17 08:48:16 EDT 2002

Thanks for the tip, and no I don't feel patronized! In the meantime I 
received an email from Gerben saying that this script settcshtexpath 
wouldn't change anything to the problem I am experiencing (and probably 
in any case settcshtexpath has been run already when I installed 
teTeX's latest version), so I won't attempt running it.

About the UNIX program "find": some while ago, when people (including 
me) mentioned in this list that it was impossible to use Sherlock (or 
in OS 10.2 the Finder's command "Find...") to search for files in 
invisible directories like /usr/local/teTeX, we were told that there 
exist at least two GUI for the UNIX commands "find" and "locate":

- Locator at < http://www.sebastian-krauss.de/software>. Very 
user-oriented, based on "locate", with many features, and very 

- XLocate at 
<http://homepage.mac.com/~incomingsw/products/xlocate.html>. Can use 
both "find" and "locate". It hasn't been updated for about one year 
now, so it might not be fully compatible with Jaguar, but I like very 
much the simple and clean user interface, not to mention the delightful 
Hobbes icon.

Bruno Voisin

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