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Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Wed Sep 4 12:59:03 EDT 2002

Load the babel package with the option german

Then, the German quotes are available with the command

\glqq  (German left double quotes) resp.

\grqq (German right double quotes)

No further packages are needed. Consult the babel documentation.

I recommend using a macro



On Mittwoch, September 4, 2002, at 03:01  Uhr, Stephan Hochhaus wrote:

> Hello List!
> I am totally new to TeX and LaTeX and I have some newbie questions. I 
> try TeX now because I will need it for some scientific articles with 
> footnotes, but no math ;-)
> 1.) How do I get correct " signs? I need the German ones that look 
> like 99 (at the bottom) and 66 (at the top)?
> 2.) How can I get another type into my document? I need to use the IPA 
> (international Phonetic Alphabet) font in order to display the correct 
> signs.
> 3.) Is there a way to use BBEdit as my editor? Right now I am using 
> TexShop and I like it because I can set and see what I just did.
> Well, that's it (for the moment).
> Please excuse my vague formulated questions, I am not a native 
> speaker, so bare with me.
> Stephan
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