Why GS 7 ? [Was: Re: [OS X TeX] New version of TeX]

Edward Thome ed.thome at murraystate.edu
Wed Sep 25 09:15:12 EDT 2002

Go to Gerben's site and download the latest TeX-thin i-Installer.  Once 
you've put the installer on your drive, go to the File menu and select 
"Open Remote i-Package" and paste 
"http://www.ntg.nl/macosx-tex/i-packages/gs7.ii"  in the field for the 
url.  That will bring up the usual installation window.

Compatibility with ps files on other systems might be an issue...there 
is no doubt that someone else knows the answer to the second half of 
your question better than I.  I've read that some flaws with GS 6 were 
fixed in GS 7 (although I don't know what they were) but under 10.1.x, 
GS 6 worked better with OS X because of the Quartz display issues with 
GS  7.   I apologize for probably repeating what you already know and 
read in the same place I did (but months ago, so I can't give credit).

Best wishes,

On Wednesday, September 25, 2002, at 07:53  AM, Michael Murray wrote:

>> You can install GS 6 or 7. As far as I can tell, all Quartz display 
>> issues with GS 7 have been fixed in Jaguar.
>> -- Gary L. Gray
> Are there reasons for choosing 7 instead of 6 ? If so how do I do it 
> with
> Gerben's teTeX? Do I have to download 7 with Fink and set TeXShop to 
> use 7?

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