[OS X TeX] Re: Anyone using Equation Service?

Doug Rowland rowland at belka.space.umn.edu
Fri Sep 13 11:06:50 EDT 2002

Wolfgang wrote to me about a problem with Create and Equation Service.  I
believe that is a fault with Equation Service, also pointed out to me by
William Clocksin.

Andrew Stone was kind enough to send me a license for Create so that I could
try and resolve this issue.  He's a very nice guy, and his Create program is
fantastic.  It seems to me like an almost total replacement for Adobe
Illustrator, although there are some things I haven't figured out how to do
yet (like importing PDFs and editing them).

The other issue, regarding having to Force Quit Equation Service when
running under OS X 10.1.5 isn't one that I have encountered.

There is a possibly related issue - the error handling in Equation Service
isn't great (read almost non-existent).  If you enter incorrect LaTeX code,
it may cause the program to hang.  I am working on making the program catch
errors better and also providing a "STOP typesetting" button, but haven't
gotten around to it yet.

Can any one who is having this problem respond to me via email and possibly
send me the equations you are trying to typeset so I can try to reproduce
this behavior?

There is actually a third issue, pointed out by Hanspeter Schaub:
In Jaguar, Equation Service cannot find style files located in

Before the Jaguar upgrade, apparently this worked fine.  Also, running
pdflatex from the command line seems to know about those style files.  Any
LaTeX/Cocoa gurus want to take a stab at this one?

Doug Rowland

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