[OS X TeX] Anyone using Equation Service?

Wolfgang Lerche wolfgang.lerche at cern.ch
Thu Sep 12 12:50:24 EDT 2002

Hello !

On Thursday, September 12, 2002, at 05:35 PM, Greg Starr wrote:

> Equation Service seemed to be the answer to my prayers, but it has 
> proved to be quite unstable.  I use it to drag-and-drop equations to 
> Omnigraffle, but after two or three equations, I have to Force-quit 
> Equation Service and restart it.

I also view this program as a rescue, in particular because "Terminal 
Services" were dropped in the transition
from Nextstep to OSX, and I had shell scripts under Nextstep for doing 
this (and many other things).  I used these
shell services together with Create.app and Tailor.app, which worked 
absolutely great for doing transparencies with math formulas.

Alas, Create.app survived the transition NS->OSX, however, similarly to 
what you wrote above,
Create crashes after doing a few drag and drop equations from Equation 
I had thought it was Create's problem, but from your msg it is likely 
Equation Service may be part of the problem. I have contacted the author 


Wolfgang Lerche

CERN, Theoretical Physics Div
1211 Geneva 23 Switzerland

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