[OS X TeX] Kile's out, Texmaker's in

Aditya Dushyant Trivedi atrivedi2 at student.gsu.edu
Fri Apr 2 00:32:32 EST 2004

> Then, I discovered another program called Texmaker, >written by 
>the original developer of Kile, Pascal Brachet. 

I heard about texmaker on a windows tex mailing list (I use LaTeX on Mac at school and Windows at home.). I decided to try it out. Installing Qt, is a pain. It takes a long time if you download Qt (I used the free version) from www.trolltech.com. You are compiling from source code. You will need the developers tool installed to do this. 

>Another option is to visit this site:


This would have been good to know today morning before I started my Qt installation process. It might have not helped me though. I use 10.2.8. The website I believe offers Qt for 10.3 alone. I guess for the few of us on 10.2.8, its the long path we have to take. On the bright side, you can compile it as a background job.

Today I got Qt installed barely before I got kicked out of the lab. Tomorrow its texmaker's turn. I will post my experiences in case someone is interested.


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