[OS X TeX] Kile's out, Texmaker's in

Enrico Riboni eriboni at ozone.ch
Fri Apr 2 15:13:39 EST 2004

Le 2 avr. 04, à 07:32, Aditya Dushyant Trivedi a écrit :

>> Then, I discovered another program called Texmaker, >written by
>> the original developer of Kile, Pascal Brachet.
> I heard about texmaker on a windows tex mailing list (I use LaTeX on 
> Mac at school and Windows at home.). I decided to try it out. 
> Installing Qt, is a pain. It takes a long time if you download Qt (I 
> used the free version) from www.trolltech.com. You are compiling from 
> source code. You will need the developers tool installed to do this.
>> Another option is to visit this site:
>> http://naranja.umh.es/~atg/

This is indeed a precious URL to know.

I noticed it says "Texmaster - coming soon": Kevin: are you working 
with this gentleman ? If not yet, I suppose he would welcome 
collaborating with you ?

Quite OT: there are really usefull programs on that page. For instance: 
Engauge: a little jewel if you ever where in the situation I have been 
a number of times that you have a curve when you would wish you have a 
formula do do some repeat calculations: it really speeds up the 

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