[OS X TeX] OT: hyperref.sty, graphics.sty, pdfTeX and dvips

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Apr 2 01:44:53 EST 2004

I've just noticed an example of bad interaction of the hyperref and 
graphics packages when used with pdfTeX, which is resolved by using 
dvips + ps2pdf instead, and I'm wondering whether it's well-known.

Apparently, when combining a box-manipulation command from the graphics 
package, like \scalebox, with a link-creating command from the hyperref 
package, like \href, the page area associated with the link is the one 
defined before the box manipulation, in pdfTeX, whereas with dvips it 
is as should be, namely the page area after the box manipulation.

For example suppose you write 
\scalebox{2}{\href{http://www.legi.hmg.inpg.fr}{LEGI}}. You will get 
the word "LEGI" double-sized; with dvips + ps2pdf all this word will 
behave as a hyperlink, whereas with pdfTeX only the part of this word 
corresponding to normal size (say the lower half of the double-sized 
letters "LE") will behave as a hyperlink.

I noticed this in a slightly more complicated example in which a 
landscape table, produced by the sidewaystable environment of the 
rotating package, contains hyperlink entries such as 
\url{http://www.legi.hmg.inpg.fr/anglais_legi/index.htm} where \url is 
defined by the hyperref package, but basically it's reducible to the 
above "bug".

Is this a well-known bug?

Bruno Voisin

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