[OS X TeX] Reference manager

Will will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Apr 2 11:46:16 EST 2004

Jan Erik Moström wrote:

> So my question is simply, does anyone know of a good reference manager that I
> should look at?

I think you have listed them all, unfortunately. I agree with you that 
there is a missing piece in the LaTeX puzzle in this regard on Mac OS X. 
While BibDesk is nice and cocoa, it doesn't handle macros at all (and 
not cross referencing last time I checked, but I may be wrong). That 
turned me off, and my bibliography hasn't exploded too big yet to make 
direct .bib text file editing a problem.

There is another called tkbibtex which is written in Tcl/Tk. I have no 
idea if it will run on Mac OS X.

Oh, and don't forget BiblioTeX (<http://www.novajo.ca/bibliotex/>). Much 
uglier than BibDesk, it seems to have the same shortcomings. And it's 
NOT free.

How unfortunate!


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