[OS X TeX] Reference manager

Jan Erik Moström lists at mostrom.pp.se
Fri Apr 2 06:07:12 EST 2004

I wonder if anyone could give me some hints where to look. One of the things
I like with BibTeX is that I'm able to make cross-references in the reference
list, that is I can enter the data for a issue of a journal once and the make
a cross-reference to it from the articles I enter in the list.

So far I've been using BBEdit to handle my list but it's a bit ... primitive.
When I was running OS 9 I used BibGene who has the same way of looking at
things that I have and it worked well, however the OS X version is not yet

I really dislike EndNote, Bookends is OK but it doesn't handle BibTeX the way
I want (and some BibTeX fields can't be entered).

I tried JabRef and it's nice (for being a Swing Java application) but it
doesn't work the way I want.

And there is something with BibDesk that makes it difficult for me to use.

So my question is simply, does anyone know of a good reference manager that I
should look at?

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