[OS X TeX] Problems with TeXShop and teTeX...

Dave McCollum mccollum at colorado.edu
Fri Apr 2 18:43:13 EST 2004

Bruno, et al.

Well, I think that I found a bug in TeXShop. When my typesetting 
stops with an error, and I click on the Abort button in the console 
window and then try to select some of the transcript text, TeXShop 
crashes on my mouse click. This happens consistently....

Anyway, I was able to get the typesetting to continue a bit, so that 
the spot where typesetting first hits an error is captured to the log 

To recap a bit, my document typesets fine with the following lines in 
it, using pdftex:


However, if I comment out the two last lines above, the typesetting, 
using pdftex, stops with the following error:

>  <./goodPDFs/dhc_6yr_west_wide_mo.pdf> 
><./goodPDFs/dhc_6yr_east_wide_mo.pdf> <.
><./goodPDFs/dhca_6yr_east_wide_mo.pdf>] <g
>oodPDFs/dhc_1997_8_west_mo.pdf, id=392, 422.57875pt x 234.8775pt>
>File: goodPDFs/dhc_1997_8_west_mo.pdf Graphic file (type pdf)
><use goodPDFs/dhc_1997_8_west_mo.pdf>
>! Missing $ inserted.
><inserted text>
>                 $
>l.1021 ....5,keepaspectratio]{dhc_1997_8_west_mo}}
>                                                    \goodgap

I suspect that, other than the bug in TeXShop, something conflicts 
with changing fonts back to CM (or something else?).

I will try to do a little more searching. Thanks.

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