[OS X TeX] Extremely weird bug in: dvips? ghostscript? lucida fonts?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Apr 2 17:32:31 EST 2004

Le 2 avr. 04, à 23:37, Tom Kiffe a écrit :

> This is a bug in ghostscript 8.11-8.14 but not in ghostscript 8.00. 
> Versions
> 8.11-8.14 also have problems with bounding boxes when executing ps2eps 
> and
> eps2eps.

Thanks for the explanation, now I understand. Hopefully after all these 
bugs with hyperref and now GS, I can forget about TeX issues for a bit 
and focus on the content of the document I'm writing.

The feedback from this list has been really helpful, in helping 
determine whether bugs were indeed bugs, whether there were fixes for 
them to be gotten immediately or later, whether it was worth 
perservering. I attempted a couple of comp.text.tex posts; however, as 
had been the case previously, I didn't get much from the answers I got 
there. Plus, with the Google interface to this group, I'm still waiting 
for my post of this morning 9:30 AM (15 hours ago) to show up on the 
Google comp.text.tex page.

Bruno Voisin

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