[OS X TeX] Extremely weird bug in: dvips? ghostscript? lucida fonts?

Maarten Sneep maarten.sneep at xs4all.nl
Fri Apr 2 17:50:56 EST 2004

On 3 apr 2004, at 0:32, Bruno Voisin wrote:


> I attempted a couple of comp.text.tex posts; however, as had been the 
> case previously, I didn't get much from the answers I got there. Plus, 
> with the Google interface to this group, I'm still waiting for my post 
> of this morning 9:30 AM (15 hours ago) to show up on the Google 
> comp.text.tex page.

Google is slow in updating posts to the newsgroups, at work I sometimes 
glance over the answers (I only have access to a proper news-server 
through my ISP on DSL). Google is usually 12-18 hours behind, and 
updates the group listing only twice a day it seems.

Regular posts are faster, if you can find a good news-server. The 
search provided by google is very good tough. The answers provided on 
c.t.t. are usually at an "advanced" level (meaning that I would never 
find that answer myself, but once I see it ... no even then it doesn't 
seem obvious).


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