[OS X TeX] Extremely weird bug in: dvips? ghostscript? lucida fonts?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Fri Apr 2 18:12:38 EST 2004

Le 3 avr. 04, à 00:50, Maarten Sneep a écrit :

> Google is slow in updating posts to the newsgroups, at work I 
> sometimes glance over the answers (I only have access to a proper 
> news-server through my ISP on DSL). Google is usually 12-18 hours 
> behind, and updates the group listing only twice a day it seems.
> Regular posts are faster, if you can find a good news-server. The 
> search provided by google is very good tough. The answers provided on 
> c.t.t. are usually at an "advanced" level (meaning that I would never 
> find that answer myself, but once I see it ... no even then it doesn't 
> seem obvious).

I have never used newsgroups ever, so I'll have first to look for 
software to do so and then how to set it up. Years ago, when I looked, 
news servers were prohibited at work, so I gave up, and I haven't tried 
again since.

My experience (admittedly small) at c.t.t. wasn't really one of too 
high technical level, it was rather a different order of problem: 
generally the answer was either "your LaTeX package is too old, you 
should get the version that was released late yesterday night" or "the 
LaTeX (visual) default setup was designed by people who know what they 
were doing, if you are looking for something different then it's just 
that you've got bad taste" or "you shouldn't try to adapt LaTeX to your 
needs, but rather adapt your needs to LaTeX". I'm caricaturing, but 
that's in any case the feeling I got. I'll try harder though, see 
whether I'm more successful.


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