[OS X TeX] From Times to CM

Josep M.Font jmfont at inicia.es
Sat Apr 3 06:21:29 EST 2004

Sorry if this is not specifically MacOSX-related.

The questions: How can I use a specific typeface of the CM family in a 
particular place of a document with \usepackage{times} ? Is there a 
global switch that would allow to keep \textsf{}, etc. ? Can it be done 
with a strictly local font-changing command ?

The reasons: I don't like the sans serif fonts provided by the times 
package. They come form the Helvetica family (I think), I find them 
*ugly* (subjective!) and they do not mix well with the roman fonts 
(real Times) because they are comparatively bigger at the same nominal 
size; used in the middle of a roman paragraph, a couple of words in 
sans serif look terrible. And for big titles, I *love* the bold sans 
serif fonts of the CM family...

Sorry if I used the terms font, family, etc. inapropriately.

Josep Maria Font

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