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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Sat Apr 3 07:44:14 EST 2004

Le 3 avr. 04, à 13:21, Josep M.Font a écrit :

> The questions: How can I use a specific typeface of the CM family in a 
> particular place of a document with \usepackage{times} ? Is there a 
> global switch that would allow to keep \textsf{}, etc. ? Can it be 
> done with a strictly local font-changing command ?
> The reasons: I don't like the sans serif fonts provided by the times 
> package. They come form the Helvetica family (I think), I find them 
> *ugly* (subjective!) and they do not mix well with the roman fonts 
> (real Times) because they are comparatively bigger at the same nominal 
> size; used in the middle of a roman paragraph, a couple of words in 
> sans serif look terrible. And for big titles, I *love* the bold sans 
> serif fonts of the CM family...

It's not quite a complete answer to your question, but I'm in a rush: 
the times package is deprecated in the current PSNFSS setup, you've got 
to use separate packages for the serif, sans serif and monospaced 

- For the serif font, you can use mathptmx for Times and mathpazo for 
Palatino. It will select the serif font only, and create a matching set 
of math fonts based on Times (resp. Palatino), Symbol and cmmi, cmsy, 

- For the sans serif font, the helvet package includes now an option 
[scaled=<number>] which scales Helvetica, the default value of <number> 
being .92.

- For the monospaced font, you can still use Courier with the courier 

There are also packages of course for Bookman, Avant Garde, New Century 
Schoolbook, Zapf Chancery, though they are not as sophisticated as the 
others (no scaling, no matching math fonts). For all these matters see 

You can also use the Utopia serif font with the Fourier matching math 
fonts, and still have cmss for sans serif, cmtt for monospace. I just 
saw on comp.text.tex that a new version of Fourier fonts has been 
released, I'm surprised it has not been announced here yet.

Bruno Voisin

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