[OS X TeX] Bug in TeXShop?

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Tue Apr 6 13:17:14 EDT 2004

I just experienced a strange crash, and I think TeXShop was the culprit.

I had been working in TeXShop for some time, the Preview window 
containing a right-rotated page. I had applied the rotation myself with 
Cmd-Shift-+ (French keyboard), as it was a sideways page in a portrait 
document. Then I left TeXShop (still opened) for about an hour, doing 
mail and web stuff.

When I came back to TeXShop, and did a Cmd-Shift-- (French keyboard), 
to left-rotate the page in the Preview window, suddenly TeXShop crashed 
and I was back to the Finder, the screen turned into a huge magnifying 
glass following any motion of the pointer. I had to abort the session 
and launch a new session to get back to normal desktop.

I had applied the new software update this morning, don't know whether 
it's related.

Generally I have been experiencing "features" with the magnifying glass 
for some time (several months). I have the large magnifying glass 
selected by default (my choice in the prefs). However, often the 
pointer does not behave as a magnifying glass when I move it over the 
preview window. I have to double-click, which turns briefly the whole 
window into a magnifying glass, and then afterwards I get the expected 

Bruno Voisin

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