[OS X TeX] Bug in TeXShop?

Juan Manuel Palacios jmpalaciosp at eml.cc
Tue Apr 6 13:55:47 EDT 2004

On Apr 6, 2004, at 1:17 PM, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Generally I have been experiencing "features" with the magnifying 
> glass for some time (several months). I have the large magnifying 
> glass selected by default (my choice in the prefs). However, often the 
> pointer does not behave as a magnifying glass when I move it over the 
> preview window. I have to double-click, which turns briefly the whole 
> window into a magnifying glass, and then afterwards I get the expected 
> behaviour.

	TeXShop 1.34 does seem to include several "hidden" magnifying options, 
accessible through the various cmmd/opt/ctlr/shift-click combinations 
you can create. I advise you to try them all and play until you exhaust 
the possibilities among them, you'll enjoy it! Needless to say I was 
impressed when I discovered this... Thanks Richard!

	About the second bug you report, the failure to magnify when you 
"return" to the PDF Preview window after having switch to some other 
window (at least that's when I experience it), I've not only confirmed 
this but also reported it to Richard, lets hope he fixes it for 1.35 
(if time permits, of course). About the first and main bug you report, 
the crash, unfortunately I can't help you much there since I'm not a 
developer. In any case, I figure Richard is the one who can look into 
it and he'd ask you for a Console.app report about the crash (most 
likely located at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/TeXShop.crash.log) and 
your preferences TeXShop.plist file. The magnifying glass over your 
Desktop must have been an uncleaned "left over", and I very much doubt 
applying Apple's recent security patch had anything to do with it!

	There's also another bug you may experience if you have "Magnify 
Large" selected as the default mouse action (as I have it), which I've 
also reported to Richard already. If you have "Magnify" selected and 
click, you get simple magnification over the PDF as expected; if you 
option-click you get large magnification as an alternative. However, if 
you have "Magnify Large" selected and you option-click, you do *not* 
get simple magnification as the alternative, which used to work in 
previous TeXShop releases. Richard told me this is a minor bug and when 
he gets the time he'll try to bring back the left out behavior. Hope 
this helps at least a bit!

> Bruno Voisin


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