[OS X TeX] can't find files in /usr/local/tetex/bin/

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Apr 8 01:32:48 EDT 2004

Hemant Bhargava wrote:
>> Looks like your PATH variable is incorrect.  What do you see with
>>    echo $PATH
> ok ... so this is what I get:
> [Hemant-Bhargavas-Computer:~] hemantb% echo $PATH
> /bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin
> - and I can see there is no /usr/local/tetex/bin/

Yep, and that is your problem.

>> If you reconfigure all of your installations from i-Installer, this 
>> *should* fix the problem---unless you've been changing your startup 
>> scripts in bash or tcsh.
> ... is there nothing I can do short of reinstalling the whole tetex 
> system? do you mean "reinstall" ... or is "reconfigure" a quicker/easier 
> option?

I'm actually only guessing here, but the "reconfigure" should do it. In 
i-Installer there should be a Configure button that'll do it, but there 
is an easier (temporary) option...(read on)

> I don't change any startup scripts.


>> Possibly the update changed the default PATH setting.  What shell are 
>> you using?
> evidently it did. I am using whatever shell is standard with the os x 
> implementation. (how do you tell?)

Unfortunately, it can be either bash or tcsh depending on how OS X was 

The only way I know off hand to see what you're running is to use 
NetInfo Manager, as described here:


I will quote: "Open NetInfo Manager, in Applications -> Utilities. Click 
the lock icon and enter your password. In the top half of the window, 
click on users and then click your user name. In the bottom half of the 
window, scroll down to shell..."

That will tell you what you're using; it will say either "/bin/tcsh" or 
"/bin/bash" for the tcsh and bash shell respectively.

(There is a picture on the page in the link if you get lost.)

So now you know what your shell is.

To add new directories to your paths, you need one of the following 

For tcsh: setenv PATH "$PATH:new_dir"

For bash: export PATH = "$PATH:new_dir"

I believe the correct directory to add is
(ie replace new_dir with that in the examples above)

I hope I've got them right, coz I can't check them right now. After 
doing the appropriate one, you can type echo $path to see if it worked.

However, once you close your terminal window, you lose your new extended 
path and will have to type it in again every time you open Terminal.

If you only need it for a short while, I'd recommend just manually 
adding to your path, and then when someone properly knowledgable 
responds you can fix it for good.

Hope that helps, keep emailing if you get stuck.

Good luck!
Will Robertson
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