[OS X TeX] can't find files in /usr/local/tetex/bin/

Justin Walker justin at mac.com
Thu Apr 8 00:47:16 EDT 2004

On Apr 7, 2004, at 21:35, Hemant Bhargava wrote:

> [Hemant-Bhargavas-Computer:~] hemantb% which texhash
> texhash: Command not found.
> I get a "not found" message. This means I can't run programs like 
> texhash - and so I am unable to make use of certain files I've added 
> to the texmf tree.

Looks like your PATH variable is incorrect.  What do you see with
    echo $PATH

> I don't know what caused the problem, but I just discovered it 
> yesterday. I'm running OSX.3.3 - it's possible this problem occurred 
> after my latest software update.

Possibly the update changed the default PATH setting.  What shell are 
you using?



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