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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Apr 14 06:01:44 EDT 2004

Le 14 avr. 04, à 11:23, Themis Matsoukas a écrit :

> 2. when clicking on a tex-source window, activate window AND position 
> cursor with single mouse click (now it takes two clicks: one to 
> activate window and a second one to place the cursor where the pointer 
> is).

I second this. The ability to select a window and position the cursor, 
all in one click, is something which I think was introduced with OS X. 
It was very convenient. With 10.3 the default behaviour is back to the 
OS 9 behaviour: two clicks required. It's unfortunate. I had got used 
to the new behaviour, and now several times every day I find myself 
selecting a window, typing in some text, only to realize a few seconds 
later that the text is being entered at a different place in the 

Rich Koch said this is not a change he did on purpose in TeXShop, it's 
all due to the OS.

> 3. menu option with keyboard equivalent to print just the currently 
> displayed page of the preview window.

You must have used Textures in the past!

> 4. ability to override default keyboard shortcuts. For example, I 
> don't use Latex panel (cmd =) and I would like to recycle the 
> combination cmd = for other tasks.

According to TeXShop's help (-> How do I configure TeXShop? -> 
Redefining Keyboard Menu Shortcuts), you can achieve this by editing 

Bruno Voisin
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