[OS X TeX] Re: typesetting script calls and iTeXMac and wrappers

Jérôme Laurens jerome.laurens at u-bourgogne.fr
Mon Apr 19 05:28:18 EDT 2004

Le 17 avr. 04, à 15:21, William F. Adams a écrit :

>  I was quite disappointed that things didn't work out better w/ the 
> Wrapper bit.

So was I.

IMHO, we need a real TeX Wrapper Structure implemented to start the 
discussion and gather a sufficiently wide audience.
I will have a very basic one implemented for TUG2004, based on the 
discussion on the TeX Wrapper List.
Maybe people will be interested and will contribute then to the project.

The problem of the UI is another question: when the data model is bad, 
the UI cannot be good.
So, for a good UI, we must start with a good data model.
Afterwards we will focus on a good and simple UI.

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