[OS X TeX] Re: typesetting script calls and iTeXMac and wrappers

Will Robertson will at mecheng.adelaide.edu.au
Mon Apr 19 05:44:20 EDT 2004

Jérôme Laurens wrote:

> Le 17 avr. 04, à 15:21, William F. Adams a écrit :
>>  I was quite disappointed that things didn't work out better w/ the 
>> Wrapper bit.
> So was I.

Make that another, but I'm still optimistic for the future.

> IMHO, we need a real TeX Wrapper Structure implemented to start the 
> discussion and gather a sufficiently wide audience.
> I will have a very basic one implemented for TUG2004, based on the 
> discussion on the TeX Wrapper List.
> Maybe people will be interested and will contribute then to the project.

I plan on becoming more pro-active in the future and working on 
something like this would interest me greatly. But I can't guarantee 
anything, unfortunately. Depends how my time goes. But that's a very 
exciting beginning!

> The problem of the UI is another question: when the data model is bad, 
> the UI cannot be good.
> So, for a good UI, we must start with a good data model.
> Afterwards we will focus on a good and simple UI. 

In my head, I can't imagine the UI side of things being that tricky if 
you simple mirror the file structure inside the wrapper in a separate 
window (like a mini-Finder window). To add content (images, etc) Use an 
Import menu command or Drag-and-drop.

The data model is something that I don't really understand. TeX 
documents are fairly self-sufficient at the moment as it stands, so I 
can't see how much extra information you could cram in there.

Will Robertson
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