[OS X TeX] LaTeX -> Word?

Robert Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Mon Apr 19 22:44:57 EDT 2004

On Monday, April 19, 2004, at 03:32PM, Thomas Schröder <hydrochlorix at gmx.net> wrote:

>Am 16.04.2004 um 15:47 schrieb Adam Maxwell:
>Hi Adam,
>> On 16 Apr, 2004, at 07:56, Thomas Schröder wrote:
>>> So, the big question is: how do I do it? Has somebody out there 
>>> successfully converted his LaTeX files into Word files i.e. with 
>>> nice, editable formulas? I think I could live with replacing the 
>>> pictures by hand, they are mainly Excel diagramms anyway. But having 
>>> to replace all the math and formulas by hand rather spoils the 
>>> effect.
>> I do this all the time using latex2rtf.  I wouldn't call the 
>> double-clickable formulas "nice," but they are editable with Equation 
>> Editor :).  Pictures should get converted, also, and embedded in the 
>> rtf file.
>I gave this a try and for _very_ simple documents this gives actually 
>quite nice results, math formulas look great and included pictures are 
>especially nice. The thing is that I make use of quite a few extra 
>packages and also my own macros basically none of which are working. 
>When I translated one of my real documents I got about a gazillion 
>warnings and the resulting .rtf wouldn't open in Word nor in Textedit.
>So, thanks for the tip but I guess, latex2rtf is not for me.

Try TeX4ht

htlatex filename "html,4,1"

this should create a single filename.html document, plus another doc with the footnotes.

it converts images and equations (but i don't do math, so have not first-hand experience)

open filename.html in Word.

If you have open office, try TeX4ht's:

oolatex filename

converts to oo's xml format.

open in oo and save as word. 

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