[OS X TeX] LaTeX -> Word?

Thomas Schröder hydrochlorix at gmx.net
Tue Apr 20 03:28:09 EDT 2004

Am 20.04.2004 um 04:44 schrieb Robert Kerstetter:

Hi Robert,

>> So, thanks for the tip but I guess, latex2rtf is not for me.
> Try TeX4ht
> htlatex filename "html,4,1"
> this should create a single filename.html document, plus another doc 
> with the footnotes.

Ah, well, I already tried that. (I said so, when I started this thread)

> it converts images

But not in great quality. I know that you can instruct tex4ht to 
produce images in higher resolution, but then I get really big images 
in Word which I'll have to reduce in size again. I actually even wrote 
a macro to do this for me automatically, but because this is Word we're 
talking about here it doesn't work all the time... :-(

> and equations (but i don't do math, so have not first-hand experience)

Equations suck big time doing it like this. They get turned into images 
which are not editable in Word, so it's kind of pointless.

> If you have open office, try TeX4ht's:
> oolatex filename
> converts to oo's xml format.
> open in oo and save as word.

I also tried this (which I also mentioned in my first post). The thing 
is that OpenOffice completely messes up the equations and the images. 
Equations become very small clickable boxes containing white space only 
and images are simply left out. For pure text without images it works 
rather nicely, but for that I wouldn't need to bother going through the 
lengthier process using OpenOffice, I could directly import the simpler 
html file into Word. I was curious wether this was a Mac problem 
because I've been hearing so many good things about the OpenOffice 
route, so I installed MikTeX, tex4ht and OpenOffice on Windows at work, 
but I got the same results there.

	Bye, Thomas

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