[OS X TeX] LaTeX -> Word?

Ross Moore ross at ics.mq.edu.au
Tue Apr 20 22:34:12 EDT 2004

On 21/04/2004, at 12:12 PM, Bob Kerstetter wrote:

> If you use TeXShop, you can select anything in the pdf output using 
> the selection tool and then drag it to the desktop or OmniGraffle or 
> Keynote or whatever. What you get is a pdf (pdf by default, you can 
> change this to other types in Preferences) of the your selection, so 
> it resizes fine. You could include this Word. Maybe better than using 
> the equation editor. ?????

Yes, Bob, but the original poster was asking for *editable* equations 
in Word;
so that corrections and changes can be done in Word rather than by 
going back
to the original LaTeX.

That means parsing the specific LaTeX source, and converting that into
the high-level markup that Word's equation-editor uses.
Anything based on the ultimate images has no chance of doing this.

But isn't EE based on MathType now?
  --- dunno, `cos I don't ever use Word for mathematics.

That used to export into a simplified version of TeX source;
and presumably could read back it's own output.
So maybe the ability is there to do case-by-case imports
  --- tedious though that may be.

As for extracting the mathematics only, from a LaTeX document,
one way is to use LaTeX2HTML.
This will give a clean translation into text + images.
But if you look at the .html files in a text editor,
then you will see that all (well, certainly most) of the
original TeX source for the mathematics is present, as either:

   1.  ALT="....."  attributes for small inline images
   2.  MATH-comments:
        <!-- MATH ......      -->
       perhaps over several lines.

These could be extracted using a Perl (or any other language) script,
into a single file, or into separate files, for further processing,
and ultimate import into EE, or TeX2Word (?), or whatever utility
you choose to use.

Maybe someone could write a separate utility to automate these tasks?


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