[OS X TeX] citeauthor changes {\ss} to ss?

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Thu Apr 22 06:28:25 EDT 2004

Hi Stephan,

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>Hello list,
>I have an entry in my bibtex file that has this for the author:
>Ernst Ulrich Gro{\ss}e
>In the bibliography at the end of my document this looks fine and  
>actually outputs: Große, Ernst Ulrich, but in the text when I use  
>\cite{grosse:74} it always prints:
>Grosse (1974) in small caps (which looks nice, but I need the ß).
>Is this an issue with small caps or rather with jurabib/LateX?
>I am using the latest jurabib 0.6 version and gwTeX under Mac OS X  
Since ß is not a capital letter, it is not used in small caps and replaced by ss. If you want the name to be spelled correctly, you should modify your jurabibsetup file to get in normal capitalization.


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