[OS X TeX] pictures in Latex Documents

Gianna Reggio reggio at disi.unige.it
Thu Apr 22 08:27:19 EDT 2004

With System 9 I was happily using OzTex to typeset Latex documents and 
I was able to include pictures prepared as eps files by menas of   
The new version of Oztex for System 10 is now working very badly, that 
it s when I print a typesetted document the picture are quite bad, in 
the sense that also if printed using a Laxer printer they have the same 
aspect as if they are printed by a dot matrix printer (the text is 
instead as good as before)
What Can I do?
I do not have problems to prepare pictures in other formats but what I 
can use to include them?

Thanks in advance


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