[OS X TeX] pictures in Latex Documents

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Apr 22 08:44:16 EDT 2004

Le 22 avr. 04, à 14:27, Gianna Reggio a écrit :

> With System 9 I was happily using OzTex to typeset Latex documents and 
> I was able to include pictures prepared as eps files by menas of   
> boxedEPSF
> The new version of Oztex for System 10 is now working very badly, that 
> it s when I print a typesetted document the picture are quite bad, in 
> the sense that also if printed using a Laxer printer they have the 
> same aspect as if they are printed by a dot matrix printer (the text 
> is instead as good as before)
> What Can I do?
> I do not have problems to prepare pictures in other formats but what I 
> can use to include them?

You may simply be faced with the problem referred to here 

"Why is printing slower on Panther?

  OzTeX on Panther fails to detect if your current printer supports 
PostScript, so it doesn't call dvips but uses a slow bitmap printing 
method. Fortunately the solution is simple: just tick "Force PostScript 
Printing" in the File menu. This tells OzTeX to assume your printer 
supports PostScript and so it always calls dvips. Ticking that option 
is a good idea anyway because Gimp-Print (which comes installed with 
Panther) allows OzTeX to send PostScript data to a non-PostScript 

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