[OS X TeX] latex2rtf: A developer's perspective

Scott Prahl prahl at bme.ogi.edu
Sat Apr 24 00:20:37 EDT 2004

Jan Eden wrote:

> in my experience, latex2rtf (actual version) does not even recognize 
> the German quote marks (\glqq and \grqq), which makes it relatively 
> useless for me.

These are supported by latex2rtf.  You must somehow notify latex2rtf 
german is being used so that these commands will be recognized.  This 
that you need to use the babel package,


or add german as an option to the \documentclass command

\documentclass[ngerman]{article}  %should have worked but I just fixed 

But maybe there is another way to signal that the document is in german 
I do not know about.  I would be happy to add a feature.

As was noted by someone else, you can also just add definitions to the
direct.cfg file.  The downside to this is that you do not get the 
german names for chapter and bibliography.  You also do not get proper
handling of umlauts (if I recall correctly).  Take a look at the file 
in the test directory in the latex2rtf distribution.  This gets 
successfully, and exercises most of the TeX features specific to the 

Oh yeah, don't forget to use the -S switch as I outlined in the message
to Thomas and Adam :-)


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