[OS X TeX] latex2rtf: A developer's perspective

Jan Eden lists at janeden.org
Sat Apr 24 04:24:16 EDT 2004

Scott Prahl wrote on 23.04.2004:

>Jan Eden wrote:
>> in my experience, latex2rtf (actual version) does not even recognize 
>> the German quote marks (\glqq and \grqq), which makes it relatively 
>> useless for me.
>These are supported by latex2rtf.  You must somehow notify latex2rtf 
>german is being used so that these commands will be recognized.  This 
>that you need to use the babel package,

Doh. My mistake. I use a self-written class which automatically calls all the needed packages and sets parameters like german etc. latex2rtf does not recognize this class and assumes 'article'. From now on, I will explicitely use babel.

Thank you,

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