[OS X TeX] tex4ht.sty not found

Jon Hanson jkhanson at umich.edu
Tue Apr 27 16:48:18 EDT 2004

I just tried to run htlatex for the first time and came across an error. 
Specifically, I typed in terminal:

htlatex filename.tex "html,4,1"

I get back the error message: "! LaTeX Error: File `tex4ht.sty' not found."

Looking back at the digests, I noted an exchange over several days in early 
April 2003 on this subject.  The upshot appeared to be, first, that at the 
time there was a separate tex4ht.sty package on the i-Installer.  Second, 
there were configuration issues having to do with a tex4ht.env file. 
Things appear to have changed with respect the first of these points; not 
sure about the second.

The machine I am on is new, so I am using the i-packages from just a few 
days ago.  I installed TeX, Ghostscript 8, CM Super, ConTeXt updater, 
Freetype2, libwmv and inconv conversion support (one of these wouldn't 
install because of dependency issues -- a version already on the system), 
and ImageMagick.  Perhaps I missed a crucial package?

TeX4ht-related files seem to be installed.  I found them at 

I search CTAN for tex4ht.sty.  Not there.  Where can I find it?

Many thanks,

Jon Hanson

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