[OS X TeX] OT: letter styles or methods

Lisa Schweitzer lschwei at ucla.edu
Fri Aug 13 13:13:40 EDT 2004

Hello all--

Having got my dissertation out the door and mastered much of what I 
feel I need to in LaTex, I have one last thing I did in Word that I 
really liked that  I have not figured out how to do in LaTex. I am 
using TexShop on OS X 10.3, and I would like to be able to create a 
template for letters I write (cover letters for manuscripts, etc.) at 
my new university. I would like the template to mimic the letterhead 
style used.  I know I need to digitize the school's logo; is the best 
thing to do to just add that as a graphic at the top of the existing 
letter.sty class? I've looked around and various places on the web tell 
me that letter.sty is obsolete without really telling me what the 
replacement option is.)  Is this you have done? Or do you just pen your 
letters in LaTex without a style? I've looked at Kopka and Daly's 
chapter on letters, and some of the house styles they illustrate look 
quite nice.  Have you done anything like that--or do your 
universities/businesses offer templates with a house style?

I guess I am looking more for personal opinions here (eg what you have 
found is the best way of doing this) rather than anything having 
specifically to do with the Mac. So, perhaps if you feel inspired to 
advise me, it's best done off-list so that I don't clutter any more 
than I have already.

Many thanks,


PS: Many thanks to Mr. Robertson for the table macros. Really helpful.

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