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Will Robertson will at guerilla.net.au
Fri Aug 13 10:39:38 EDT 2004

On 14 Aug 2004, at 2:43 AM, Lisa Schweitzer wrote:

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I haven't written many letters, but I've heard the KOMA-Script letter 
class (scrlttr2) is the cat's pyjamas pretty much. I made a really 
simple sample in the Example Documents, but what I read of the manual 
was pretty crazy. It looks like the KOMA guys have thought of 
everything. Anyway, I've attached it at the end of this post.

So, I'd write a separate file, called lisaletter.sty for example, add 
\ProvidesPackage{lisaletter} as the first line, and then put all of 
your customisations in there, including your letterhead et alia. 
(However, in that regard I'm of no help, coz you'll need to make it 
look pretty like you want!) Then you can simply add 
\usepackage{lisaletter} to the template at the end - you'll probably 
want to delete most of words in it - and add it to the TeXShop (or 
whatever) Templates menu.

Hope that all makes sense?...

> PS: Many thanks to Mr. Robertson for the table macros. Really helpful.

Ha! That's "Will" to you :) Glad to be of use for once.

Have fun!


\documentclass[fontsize=12pt, paper=a4]{scrlttr2}
% There are other paper sizes than "letter" or "a4".
% Note the difference to the standard "a4paper"!

\setkomavar{fromname}{MY Name}
\setkomavar{fromaddress}{My address \\ is where \\ I live, AUST}
\setkomavar{fromemail}{user at domain.org}
\setkomavar{fromphone}{+61 09 123 4567}
\setkomavar{signature}{My full name\\{\small my title maybe}}

\renewcommand{\raggedsignature}{\raggedright} % make the signature 
ragged right

% There are 31 variables you can set in total!
% Look in the guide for a list of them all.

\setkomavar{subject}{A simple example of \textsf{scrlttr2}}


\begin{letter}{Your Name \\ His/her \\ Mailing \\ Address, USA}


This is a simple example of the \textsf{scrlttr2} class for writing 
letters. It is very customisable and contains many many more features 
than the regular \textsf{letter} class. Note things like fold marks in 
the left margin. Please read the KOMA-Script documentation (in English: 
\texttt{scrguien.pdf}) if you want to learn the details of this class.

This template is for the people who say ``oh, \TeX\ is clearly good for 
long reports and stuff, but writing a letter's heaps easier in Word''. 
I hope you'll agree the time saved \emph{not} setting up margins and 
indents, \textsl{ad nauseum} every time you need to write a letter, 
more than tips to balance in \LaTeX's favour.


\ps{PS There's \emph{heaps} more to this class than this document 



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