Symlinks (was Re: [OS X TeX] Fwd: Unwanted files have which extensions?)

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at
Thu Aug 19 08:19:40 EDT 2004

Le 19 août 04, à 13:16, Claus Gerhardt a écrit :

> According to the manual the ln command only works for files, though 
> the name of the target could be the name of a  different directory, in 
> which case a link with the name of the original file will be created 
> in that directory. It is also possible to issue the command with more 
> than two arguments, where the last argument is the name of a 
> directory.

I'm getting really lost here, as I've just verified that:

	ln -s ../Figures Test

works, in that it creates, in the current directory, a symlink Test to 
the subdirectory Figures from the parent directory, whereas yesterday I 
could swear it didn't work (I was getting an error message instead).

BTW, a really OT question: what is the box to check, in the Window 
Settings in, such that, when you are writing a command and 
the pointer reaches the right border of the window, the pointer is 
positioned on the next line to the left, instead of being superposed on 
the current line to the left. Namely, how to avoid getting stuff like 

esgimc11:~/Desktop/Ébauche 2 (4)/Version 2.0.10 brunovoisin$ ln -s 
../Figures Exempl

where ^ denotes the position of the pointer, and to get instead:

legimc11:~/Desktop/Ébauche 2 (4)/Version 2.0.10 brunovoisin$ ln -s 
../Figures Exempl

I remember somebody on this list told once what to do, but I can't 
remember the less-than-explicit name of the option to set. And in the 
meantime I've done an Archive & Install, so my settings have been lost. 
I've tried practically all the checkboxes in Window Settings, 
understanding the meaning of very few of them, but none seems to affect 
this problem in any way.

Bruno Voisin
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