Symlinks (was Re: [OS X TeX] Fwd: Unwanted files have which extensions?)

Constantinos Antoniou costas at MIT.EDU
Thu Aug 19 08:58:25 EDT 2004


On 19 Αυγ 2004, at 8:19 πμ, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> BTW, a really OT question: what is the box to check, in the Window 
> Settings in, such that, when you are writing a command 
> and the pointer reaches the right border of the window, the pointer is 
> positioned on the next line to the left, instead of being superposed 
> on the current line to the left. Namely, how to avoid getting stuff 
> like this:
> esgimc11:~/Desktop/Ébauche 2 (4)/Version 2.0.10 brunovoisin$ ln -s 
> ../Figures Exempl
>   ^
> where ^ denotes the position of the pointer, and to get instead:
> legimc11:~/Desktop/Ébauche 2 (4)/Version 2.0.10 brunovoisin$ ln -s 
> ../Figures Exempl
> es
>   ^
I think what you want is

Window settings -> Buffer and check "Wrap lines that are too long"


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