[OS X TeX] Problem with excel2latex and OT question

Lisa Schweitzer lschwei at vt.edu
Wed Dec 1 13:06:39 EST 2004

I've had a nasty surprise--I've come to depend on the little macro 
excel2latex like my right hand (this micro rocks), and for some 
reason, I can't it to work on my new system.  I am running OS 10.3.6 
(on a Dual 1.8 GHz PPC G5) using MS Excel from the 2004 bundle. When 
I attempt to export, I get:

Run-time error `1004':

Method 'GetSaveAsFilename' of object '_Application' failed

Maybe that is self-evident, but it's not to me (newbie).

Any ideas?  All appreciated.

On the (only somewhat) OT issue:

I am sorry to bother all of you, but this is such a knowledgeable Mac 
forum that I can't really resist. I have a progressive neuromuscular 
disease in which I have bad stretches and good. The bad stretches are 
times when I can't really use a keyboard comfortably due to pain and 
numbness.  I have this theory that I should be able to set up a voice 
recognition system that would allow me to go speech into LaTex via 
several steps.  However, I've been lucky enough to be in remission 
for the past 4 years, and my last attempt at voice recognition was a 
complete bust (Viavoice...I never got it to work with OSX).  Do any 
of you dictate work and then cut and paste in to a compiler, like 
TexShop?  How do you do it? Even if you don't do it, what do you 
think might be the best way?  If I'm lucky, I have a few months to 
get started on this before things get bad, but sooner is better.

Many thanks for any ideas,

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