[OS X TeX] Header Control on Float Pages?

Piet van Oostrum piet at cs.uu.nl
Tue Dec 7 07:14:07 EST 2004

>>>>> Peter.S.Burrage at Dartmouth.EDU (Peter S. Burrage) (PSB) wrote:

PSB> Is there a general way to reference the floating item number (in the vein
PSB> of \ref{foo}) in the float header so that for each float the table/figure
PSB> number shows up in the header?

PSB> More specifically, if my custom headers are as follows:

PSB> \lhead[\iffloatpage{}{\fancyplain{}{}}]		{\iffloatpage{}{\fancyplain{}{}}}
PSB> \rhead[\iffloatpage{}{\fancyplain{}{}}]		{\iffloatpage{\fancyplain{}{\leftmark \\ \ref{foo} }}{\fancyplain{}{\leftmark \\ \rightmark}}}
PSB> \cfoot[\fancyplain{\thepage}{\thepage}]	{\fancyplain{\thepage}{\thepage}}

PSB> (that might not be the cleanest way to do things as I am definitely still learning about custom headers but it gets the output I need.  Any advice on cleaning things up in there is much appreciated!)

I wouldn't use the optional arguments and \fancyplain. It is oldfashioned
and makes your code unreadable. Using the newer \fancyhead and
\fancypagestyle{plain}{......} is better. Besides if all the cases are the
same you can just specify it once.

PSB> is there a way to automate {\iffloatpage{\fancyplain{}{\leftmark \\
PSB> Table (*expression here*) }} to output the number of the table
PSB> contained on the float page so that the right header looks like: 

Leaving out the \fancyplain:


\newcommand\floatref{\csname FLT@\thepage\endcsname}
  {\global\string\@namedef{FLT@\thepage}{Figure \thefigure}}}
  {\global\string\@namedef{FLT@\thepage}{Table \thetable}}}

And in your tables you write AFTER the \caption command:
\tablemark. Similar \figuremark in figures.

You get the refs after an additional LaTeX run.
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