[OS X TeX] Header Control on Float Pages?

Peter S. Burrage peter.s.burrage at Dartmouth.EDU
Tue Dec 7 16:50:26 EST 2004

On 12/7/04 7:14 AM, "Piet van Oostrum" <piet at cs.uu.nl> wrote:

> PSB> (that might not be the cleanest way to do things as I am definitely still
> learning about custom headers but it gets the output I need.  Any advice on
> cleaning things up in there is much appreciated!)
> I wouldn't use the optional arguments and \fancyplain. It is oldfashioned
> and makes your code unreadable. Using the newer \fancyhead and
> \fancypagestyle{plain}{......} is better. Besides if all the cases are the
> same you can just specify it once.

Wow, thanks very much! That certainly make things a lot cleaner...

On 12/7/04 7:14 AM, "Piet van Oostrum" <piet at cs.uu.nl> wrote:

> PSB> is there a way to automate {\iffloatpage{\fancyplain{}{\leftmark \\
> PSB> Table (*expression here*) }} to output the number of the table
> PSB> contained on the float page so that the right header looks like:
> Leaving out the \fancyplain:
> \fancyhf{}
> \fancyhead[RO]{\leftmark\\\iffloatpage{\floatref}{\rightmark}}
> \fancyfoot[C]{\thepage}
> \makeatletter
> \newcommand\floatref{\csname FLT@\thepage\endcsname}
> \newcommand\figuremark{\write\@auxout
>   {\global\string\@namedef{FLT@\thepage}{Figure \thefigure}}}
> \newcommand\tablemark{\write\@auxout
>   {\global\string\@namedef{FLT@\thepage}{Table \thetable}}}
> \makeatother
> And in your tables you write AFTER the \caption command:
> \tablemark. Similar \figuremark in figures.
> You get the refs after an additional LaTeX run.

I'm still working through exactly what you did in that last chunk of code so
I just followed your instructions on implementation.  It works quite well
except for the fact that, in the header, both the first and second figure
are labeled as Figure 1.2 despite the first figure being 1.1 in the caption.
Similarly the first and second table (second chapter) are labeled Table 2.2
(the third table is correctly labeled as 2.3) despite correct numbering in
the captions.  Seems like an off by one error somewhere but I can't find it?

Thanks very much Piet for all your help!

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