[OS X TeX] Textures for Mac OS X - wait for Tiger?

Mark Smith mark at bbprojects.net
Fri Dec 10 07:06:05 EST 2004

Ralph Pöllath wrote:

>On 10.12.2004, at 08:42, Mark Smith wrote:
>> Bruno Voisin wrote:
>>> It's a pity, of course, we can't have a look at Tiger Beta: I received
>>> the announcement of its availability (twice), but the need to get ADC
>>> Select Membership first makes it definitely too pricy ($500!) for
>>> something that would be just a hobby.
>> In case you don't know, there is an ADC Select package available for 
>> (IIRC) 100 USD where you only get see software and nothing else.
>Unfortunately, I don't think such a package exists - at least I 
>couldn't find it at Apple's site. Select membership is $500, and 
>student membership is $99 - but that doesn't include pre-release 

My apologies.

The good news:

There is a seed software only membership

The bad news:

It costs 199 USD rather than 100 USD


It appears to only be available to current select and premier members since I could only find it after logging into a select account.

It may be possible for current select and premier members to purchase these "mailings" for additional, unrelated individuals. In fact, I'm sure that this is practically doable, but I'm not sure where the legalities differ between:

(a) supplying Seed Keys to (lets say) "collaborators". (ADC Select membership give you 5 seed keys, so you could form a "loose band" of developers (lets say you are working on a TeX project) and purchase a 500 USD Select Membership, you would only get one hardware discount purchase, but each "member" of the band would get the ADC mailing, including pre-release software.)


(b) Buying these 199 USD Seed Software only Mailings (valid for one year)

If both are permissible and you can get at least 3 people together to form a pseudo-company, then (a) will be cheaper than (b) AND there is a hardware discount available.

FWIW, the hardware discount alone makes the 500 USD for a Select membership MUCH more palatable. I only buy one for a year at a point when it looks like getting my hands on the SEED software could be valuable AND if I'm fairly sure I'm going to be buying a new machine.

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