[OS X TeX] BibDesk 0.97 is available

Adam R. Maxwell amaxwell at mac.com
Sun Dec 12 01:35:34 EST 2004

The BibDesk team is pleased to announce that version 0.97 is available 
for download from <http://bibdesk.sourceforge.net/>.  There are some 
major internal changes in this version (we believe them to be 
improvements), along with some great new features.  Among these are 
citekey generation with a user-customizable format (and BibDesk  can 
even set the citekey automatically when you've entered enough 
information in the fields), improved character conversion, and much 
improved speed and memory consumption.

A complete list of new features and bugfixes is included below, just to 
prove that we haven't been slacking for the last month or so since 
0.96.2 (see also 

Due to the number of changes, it is likely that new bugs have been 
introduced; therefore, back up your data often!  If you find a bug, 
please report it at 
<http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=61487&atid=497423> with 
detailed steps to reproduce the problem, expected results, and actual 

** New Features **

   •  Automatic generation of custom citekey formats; see the 
preferences and online help for details.  Many thanks to Christiaan 
Hofman for this feature!  BibDesk can now enter a citekey automatically 
when it has enough info, or you can use the "Generate" button to enter 
a key.  RIS imports now use this automatically.
   •  Support for converting arbitrary Unicode accented characters into 
TeX (the character conversion code was rewritten to be faster, as 
   •  Searchfield now recognizes AND and OR operators in searching, and 
accented characters are treated as plain characters in searches
   •  Add support for HTML to LaTeX conversion in RIS import.  This 
primarily benefits users of Compendex and other databases which put 
HTML in their RIS files.
   •  More RIS and Medline publication types should be recognized
   •  Crash reporter feature added, thanks to Infinite Loop
   •  On OS X 10.3 and greater, users can reinstall the autocompletion 
plugin from the autocompletion preferences to have "\ref{" 
autocompletion as well as "\cite" autocompletion (search for 
autocompletion in the online help to see details).
   •  Added a Scripts menu for user-supplied AppleScripts

** Bugfixes **

  •  Profiling and optimizing code resulted in significant speed 
increases in opening/saving files
  •  'View as text' in BibEditor now works for local-urls with spaces in 
the paths
  •  Column widths are now saved properly
  •  Capitalize BibTeX fields when adding in BibEditor, in order to 
avoid potential conflicts
  •  Some character conversions (Bookends import improved)
  •  Opening MacRoman files as UTF8 won't cause a crash anymore
  •  BibEditor tab-keyloop (hopefully fixed for real this time)
  •  Updated TeX template
  •  Fix for displaying incorrect month in types like inbook that don't 
have a month field by default
  •  Add display of chapter title and title together in table for inbook 
  •  More forgiving way of asking to display cite key in table/search 
  •  Bug #1056268, allow tableview selection for dragging when the 
table's window is in the background
  •  Bug #1056554, which appears to be an AppKit bug; dragging many 
publications raised an exception
  •  Bug #1056893, autogenerated citekeys can have garbage
  •  Bug #1059514, should be able to drag text clippings with BibTeX 
directly to BibDesk
  •  Bug #1060388, sorting by cite key broken
  •  Bug #1067752, no undo for drag-and-drop or pasting
  •  Bug #1066995, 10.3-only method used for a 10.2-only warning
  •  Bug #1056261, file path should always be URL encoded
  •  Only allow the PDF preview to draw on the main thread
  •  Can now drag BibTeX entries between windows in BibDesk, regardless 
of the copy/paste prefs
  •  Control memory usage on RIS imports using a local autorelease pool
  •  The RIS importer now only uses the four-digit year for the BibTeX 
"Year" field, and strips the month
  •  The RIS importer will check for duplicate authors in some broken 
RIS files (e.g. Scopus RIS)
  •  Major memory leaks were found and fixed
  •  Bug #1063105, numbered month and year wrong in date
  •  Fixed an AppleScript bug with the make command
  •  Bug #818936, autocompletion in the BibEditor doesn't respect 
dividers (e.g. "and" for authors)
  •  Maintain item selection after sorting, and scroll to the selected 
item after sorting
  •  Added some notification and undo in AppleScript
  •  Allow setting BibTeX string in AppleScript only at initialization
  •  Added new 'proxy' objects BibField to access arbitrary fields from 
  •  Force capitalization for field names in AppleScript for internal 
consistency's sake
  •  Moved setting of some undo action name to controller layer to get 
correct action name in redo menu item
  •  BibEditor now orders the fields in the form in the following way:
      1. Required fields in the order they are found in the 
Typeinfo.plist file.
      2. Optional fields in the order ""
      3. Any other fields, in alphabetical order.
  •  Allow for multiple editors in RIS imports
  •  Bug #1080931, data loss when adding a new field
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