[OS X TeX] Falshmode 1.1.1

Claus Gerhardt gerhardt at math.uni-heidelberg.de
Sun Dec 12 07:53:52 EST 2004

Flashmode 1.1.1 is out. It can be downloaded from


Version 1.1.1:
- All Flashmode applications and the support files are contained in a 
folder 'Flashmode' that has to  be installed in '~/Library'.
- There are five Flashmode applications, Flashmode-one to -four, and 
Flashmode-alt. They now configured as plain applications not as 
applications bundles. They are contained in Flashmode/Applications and 
I would recommend to leave them there, installing their icons in the 
Dock; but of course they could be installed anywhere.
- The binaries, 'flashmode-one', etc.,  are stored in Flashmode/bin; 
the settings files, where the resp. interval length is defined, are in 
- The folder Applescripts contains some useful scripts 'pdflatexc', 
'sync', and an addition a script for making the files and applications 
in 'bin' resp. 'Applications' executable, should this ever be 
- Each Flashmode applications should be started manually and they could 
also be quitted manually, though issuing the 'quit' command via the 
Applescript 'flashmode-quit' is the preferred way, since one might not 
know which application is controlling a particular document, 
'flashmode-quit' does.
- When a Flashmode application starts, it first checks, if the document 
is already controlled by another copy, if so, it will beep and quit, 
otherwise, it will save a protocol file, a 'basename.flashmode' file in 
the directory of the tex document, which contains the copy's name. In 
the unlikely event that Flashmode will hang, one may not know which 
copy is involved, but one will certainly know which document is 
affected. After reading its protocol file one can kill the specific 
Flashmode copy with the help of the Activity Monitor.
When Flashmode quits, it will remove the protocol file; 
'flashmode-quit' will do it as well.
- The 'quit' commands via Applescript are piped to five small 
applications 'flashmode-one-quit-trigger', etc.. In case you move the 
Flashmode applications to a different folder it might happen that the 
OS doesn't know where the targets of the triggers are located and it 
will offer a dialogue browser. If anything fails you could use the 
corresponding scripts, located in 'Scripts', and save them again as run 
applications in /Flashmode/Applications.
- Flashmode now first typesets each controlled document at start up to 
ensure that a pdf file exists.
- There are no debugging copies anymore.
- The Applescripts have been slightly rewritten and some have been 
- It is recommended to remove the old Flashmode copies completely from 
your hard disk before working with the new ones.

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