[OS X TeX] On E.F.'s Enhanced Carbon Emacs

Piero D'Ancona dancona at mat.uniroma1.it
Tue Dec 14 18:56:13 EST 2004

Hi all,
I guess several of us use Enrico Franconi's Enhanced Carbon Emacs,
and that's why I am cross-posting. Enrico received
some not totally polite criticism on the list (e.g., comparing his 
installer to
a trojan...) which he really did not deserve. So he became bitter and
decided to quit enhancing, after the next release. Being one of the
many silent users of his work, I felt I should at least say thank you.
What do you think?
Anyway, that's the exchange:

> Enrico Carboni wrote:

> My plan is to release shortly a new version, with preview-latex 
> preloaded, and few other fixes. This will be my last version, since I 
> am upset by comments of people like you that don't understand how much 
> effort this costs to a person who works already more than full time 
> and has little time to waste. I was doing it as a service to the 
> community, a big part of which is appreciating; I am sorry that 
> because of you I have to discontinue this service.
> My last effort is to leave the building procedure fully documented so 
> that some other guy (not you, I understand) may want to take over the 
> maintenance of a package that has 10,000+ users in the MacOSX world.
> ciao
> --e.

Dear Enrico,

I am one of the silent 10000+ users of ECE on MacOSX.
We love your Enhanced Carbon Emacs! it has become a part of
the MacOSX landscape.  You made it possible for us to use the
powerful features of emacs in the most natural way,
perfectly fitting among the many beautiful applications for MacOSX.
So, first of all, thank you for your great work!

Of course ECE can be improved, and every now and then someone
will be displeased and vent his criticism, sometimes rudely. But please
keep in mind: that's one person against 10000... I think I can 
your feelings, so I do not hope to change your mind (although that would
be very nice...). I just want to let you know that I really appreciated 
efforts, and I used and relied on your product a lot. I hope that some
other users will join me in saying thank you; at least we can show you
the feelings of the silent majority...

I shall cross-post to the MacOSX TeX list.


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