[OS X TeX] On E.F.'s Enhanced Carbon Emacs

Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Wed Dec 15 03:02:07 EST 2004

Le 15 déc. 04, à 00:56, Piero D'Ancona a écrit :

> Anyway, that's the exchange:
>> Enrico Carboni wrote:
>> My plan is to release shortly a new version, with preview-latex  
>> preloaded, and few other fixes. This will be my last version, since I  
>> am upset by comments of people like you that don't understand how  
>> much effort this costs to a person who works already more than full  
>> time and has little time to waste. I was doing it as a service to the  
>> community, a big part of which is appreciating; I am sorry that  
>> because of you I have to discontinue this service.
>> My last effort is to leave the building procedure fully documented so  
>> that some other guy (not you, I understand) may want to take over the  
>> maintenance of a package that has 10,000+ users in the MacOSX world.

For those like me who had trouble understanding what this was about,  
whom this message had been sent to and why: this originates from the  
Mac OS X Emacs list (I'm not a member of it yet), and the complete  
thread "[OS X Emacs] Opening files written in AlphaX" can be viewed in  
the digests at  

My 0.02 €: IMO the main, and considerable, and useful, advantage of ECE  
is that it provides a consistent TeX Emacs setup, for beginners like me  
who have no idea what AUCTeX or RefTeX are, what's necessary or  
convenient for TeXing in Emacs. Plus it can be moved to any location  
like a .app application and still work, so that it feels more Mac-like.  
I can but imagine the amount of work that this requires. I miss the  
toolbar from other emacs build, but that is indeed minor.

But then, of course, as you get more experienced you would like to know  
exactly what's inside the .app bundle, what distinguishes ECE from  
vanilla emacs, which "packages" (if that is the correct emacs jargon)  
were added and in which versions, which configuration files are  
included inside this .app bundle. (This is not a critic in any respect,  
rather a suggestion for possible enhancements to the doc.)

Bruno Voisin

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