[OS X TeX] wrapping lines in verbatim

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Fri Dec 31 06:59:30 EST 2004


I use verbatim to include the raw output of a statistical package (R) 
in a document. There are many long lines that go off into the right 
margin and even off the page.

I found out that if I use the Memoir class, I can use the \wrappingon 
option to wrap long lines. First I'd like to check I am using it 
correctly: because the Memoir class manual talks of turning this option 
on and off I assumed the option was placed after the verbatim command, 
like this:


This did not work as the option was typed "verbatim", I should have 
expected that. So I placed it before:


and it works (partially, see below). But it means that to turn this 
option off for part of a long text, one cannot just issue


and continue with text, but rather one has to do


Is this correct, or is there a simpler way to turn line-wrapping on and 
off within a single verbatim environment?

Using "\wrappingon" has only partially solved my problem. Some lines 
contain complete path names that are fairly long and contain no spaces. 
Such lines continue to go into the margin. Is there a way to force 
wrapping in such cases, akin of hyphenation maybe? If a solution exists 
but is incompatible with the Memoir class, I'd still like to know about 

Thanks in advance,

Denis Chabot

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