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Bruno Voisin bvoisin at mac.com
Thu Mar 18 16:53:03 EST 2004

Le 18 mars 04, à 22:29, Adam Maxwell a écrit :

> You are correct, and I found two posts about it from you :).  7th and 
> 9th of October, 2003 (doesn't everyone keep an archive of this list 
> for Mail.app to search?)

I do (from May 2001 onwards), but generally I find the search 
capabilities of Mail.app very disappointing. Either I'm mistaken, or 
it's plain impossible to search a mailbox based on several criteria, 
like find all messages from Gerben Wierda with this or that keyword in 
their body, or any sending date more recent than this or that date.

I'm not even speaking here of searching several mailboxes together, all 
that kind of things that Eudora does easily if slowly. I've even 
several times found myself using BBEdit to search through the mail 
directories for ASCII text directly, sometimes using grep, after 
instructing BBEDit to search invisible files (so that the mbox ASCII 
files inside the .mbox wrappers are indeed seen).

For such reasons I consider at times switching to Thunderbird or 
Mozilla Mail. The only thing that has prevented me so far of doing so 
is that I don't want to go again through the agony of importing my 
mailboxes in a new application. When I switched to Mail.app and 
consolidated all my mailboxes of the last ten years or so and several 
mail applications (mail, elm, Eudora, pine, emacs, Netscape) together 
(totalling about 1 Gb), the proper importation of all the messages took 
several days (and involved at times editing the ASCII mail files by 
hand, cutting them in pieces so that the importation could proceed 
smoothly afterwards). The only conclusion then was: never again! Thus I 
guess I'm stuck with Mail.app for the years to come.

Bruno Voisin

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