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Adam Maxwell amaxwell at wsu.edu
Thu Mar 18 20:22:19 EST 2004

On 18 Mar, 2004, at 15:53, Bruno Voisin wrote:

> Le 18 mars 04, à 22:29, Adam Maxwell a écrit :
>> You are correct, and I found two posts about it from you :).  7th and 
>> 9th of October, 2003 (doesn't everyone keep an archive of this list 
>> for Mail.app to search?)
> I do (from May 2001 onwards), but generally I find the search 
> capabilities of Mail.app very disappointing. Either I'm mistaken, or 
> it's plain impossible to search a mailbox based on several criteria, 
> like find all messages from Gerben Wierda with this or that keyword in 
> their body, or any sending date more recent than this or that date.

I think it is impossible to specify multiple criteria, but have you 
tried something like search Entire Message for "Gerben & keyword & 
month," and then sorting by From or Date?  The '&' works fairly well in 
my experience, but YMMV.

> I'm not even speaking here of searching several mailboxes together, 
> all that kind of things that Eudora does easily if slowly.

I do this routinely by selecting multiple mailboxes in the drawer, then 
entering my search criteria in the field; it's not lightning fast, but 
it works.

> When I switched to Mail.app and consolidated all my mailboxes of the 
> last ten years or so and several mail applications (mail, elm, Eudora, 
> pine, emacs, Netscape) together (totalling about 1 Gb), the proper 
> importation of all the messages took several days (and involved at 
> times editing the ASCII mail files by hand, cutting them in pieces so 
> that the importation could proceed smoothly afterwards). The only 
> conclusion then was: never again! Thus I guess I'm stuck with Mail.app 
> for the years to come.

Agreed; been there, done that.  I pushed everything onto an IMAP server 
from Outhouse Express to switch to Eudora, then the same when I 
switched from Eudora to Mail.app.  Not fun, and I didn't even bother 
with some of the old elm/pine mailboxes that I had scattered around.

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