[OS X TeX] arraymaker

Donu Arapura dvb at math.purdue.edu
Thu Mar 18 20:43:30 EST 2004

Joseph C. Slater wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2004, at 11:03 PM, Donu Arapura wrote:
>> I have tcl/tk script called arraymaker for building latex
>> ........
> Works fin in Aqua as well. I've used it in Aqua ever since TCL/TK Aqua 
> came out in beta. I could swear I posted this before on this list. But 
> then again, a Google search of the archives proves that google can't 
> find everything that I remember. Clearly a problem with the search 
> algorithm. :)
> Joe
Thanks for pointing that out. (I actually signed up to this list 
relatively recently.
Although, even if  I had seen your post earlier, I'm sure my memory is 
not as good
as Google's.)

- Donu


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